Board of Directors

A Skilled Board of Strategic Thinkers

Emphasizing Long-Term Value

Guided by long-term strategy and shareholder value creation, Aether’s Board is committed to robust corporate governance through active stakeholder engagement, enhancing accountability, transparency, and wise decision-making.

Jaclyn Wu | Director

Jaclyn holds over 15 years in finance, marked by her engagement in 100+ seminars that empowered investors. A member of the PCMA Dealing Representative Advisory Committee and a distinguished qualifier of the MDRT Association, she co-founded Monic Financial, emphasizing her leadership in the sector.

Nicolas Lin | Director

Nicolas brings a decade of corporate finance acumen, specializing in U.S. transactions and often representing Asian clientele. His board experiences span from companies like Moxian, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOXC), Flewber Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLYF) and St James Gold Corp. (TSX-V: LORD; OTCQB: LRDJF), underscoring his expertise in guiding both U.S. and Canadian markets.